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    ferexderta Novice

      ı create a rdm disk  for a vm . I got the report with rvtool looks vmdk extension .  ( vm01.vmdk . ) so why i cant see like that vm01. rdm.vmdk  ?

      i have vcenter 6.5

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          dbalcaraz Expert

          If you check the vm, did you see if you have the pointer?

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            a.p. Guru
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            That's expected. Like usual virtual disks in ESXi, a RDM consists of two .vmdk files, a descriptor file (e.g. "vmname.vmdk"), and a pointer/mapping file (e.g. "vmname-rdmp.vmdk"). What shows up in the vSphere Client's GUI - and other tools like RVTools, which are aware of this - is the descriptor .vmdk file only, the other file is usually hidden.