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    Rebuild pool from cloned desktop

    seangarland Lurker

      Hello all,


      I have a situation where I did some windows updates, and recomposed a pool.  Sometime later, users were complaining about one application crashing (manufacturing app).  During troubleshooting the snapshots were flattened so the drive size could be increased (the image was out of space).  After several hours on the phone with the mfg support group, it was determined that there was no fix.  During this whole time I had one of the cloned desktops that didn't recompose originally (user never logged out) and the system worked perfectly.  I thought, well I'll just make the good cloned desktop the new source and recompose - success or I thought success...


      Now I have an issue where all the desktops have the same name, and after a couple weeks they lose trust with the server.  Does anyone has any ideas on where to go from here besides rebuilding the entire pool from scratch?  The manufacturing software (and all the version) takes hours to install, so I'm not super thrilled to start over.  it seems like I should be able to flip a couple switches, and then have the cloned desktop appear as a fresh new desktop and be able to rebuild from that.


      Any ideas are welcome!!!