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    Federation Management pack - failed to get property data

    KimPedersen Lurker

      We are using vRops 6.6.1 on all of our vRops installations. In order to install the Federation Management pack we had to install a new vRops 6.7. We want to use all of the alarms collected via the Federation server to inform our Service Center about any alerts which might happen. We are not able to see any alerts form any other vRops installation and therefore I looked in the log file for the adapter and found this:

      [32858] 2018-11-08 10:38:14,246 ERROR [Collector worker thread 6] (44) com.vmware.adapter.restapi.RestClient.getPropertyData - Failed to get property data: ClientSideException: API call failed, reason = 404

      I haven't configured anything else than the vRops which we want to connect.

      Hope that someone might have an idea of what's wrong

      Thanks in advance.