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    Slow Lan speed after a few day...

    Pavel1523 Lurker


      I have one virtual server Win2012Std as host on esxi 5.5. HW server is DELL T110 II.

      When I launch virtual server everything is OK and LAN speed is over 40-70 Mb/s.

      But after a few day (between 7-14) the speed go down on 100-400 Kb/s.

      Sometimes help me, when I disable and enable network adapter in Win2012 and speed increase to normal state.

      Certain help is stop and start virtual host or restart windows 2012 server, but after a few day error with LAN speed again.

      Driver on host I have VMXNET3.

      This problem I have on two independence server (both DELL T110).

      That you for some help...