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    fusion 11 encountered an error problem

    DWit02 Lurker

      Just installed fusion 11, all looked fine. I opened all my vms and they worked, updated vmtools and closed. When I restarted Win 7 vm I got the "WMware has encountered an error and has shut down windows".

      I can open in safe mode.

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          AntiHawk Lurker

          I had exactly the same problem with Windows 7.

          I got it working by doing the following:


          1. Shutdown the VM completely

          2. From VMware Fusion menu select Virtual Machine -> Settings...

          3. From Settings select Processors & Memory

          4. From Processor & Memory click on arrow near "Advanced options" text

          5. From the Advanced options uncheck option for "Enable hypervisor applications in this virtual machine"

          6. Close VM Settings and try to boot the Windows 7 again