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    Wrong exam

    Ramuageli Lurker

      Hi Guys


      So i decided to advance my career by booking a vmware vsphere 6.5 course and attended a 5 days classroom course ,then a couple of months later i wrote 6.5 foundation (2v0-602) and i passed,then as per vmware ,for me to get certified i will have to write one more exam (2v0-622) . then i went and prepare for that exam for 3 month and eventually i wrote it and pass the exam.


      then 5 days later im wondering why im not receiving my certificate and my badge , then i inquired with vmware and they are telling me that i wrote a wrong exam , instead of writing 2v0-622 i should've written 2v0-622PSE  .


      whats the different ?


      Please help

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          scott28tt Champion
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          You have to take the PSE version of the exam if you took your training with a VMware IT Academy (VITA).


          VITAs are academic institutions (eg. college/university) that offer authorised VMware training.


          You can only book the PSE exam using a special voucher code that the VITA issues you when you've completed the training.


          If you took the training with VMware directly or a VMware Authorised Training Center (VATC), you would take the regular exam.


          It sounds like you took your training with a VITA, but then took the regular exam (rather than the PSE version) - this essentially means that VMware have no proof that you completed your training, therefore they cannot award you the certification as you haven't officially met all the requirements.

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            Ramuageli Lurker

            so the regular exam that i took directly with VMware doesn't get me certified ? i mean why would vmware have a certification path on the website and when you follow that path then they tell you its a wrong exam , i mean i did all this as per their website recommendation

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              Not if you took your training with a VITA, no.


              The path on their website is for the vast majority of folks who take their training with VMware or a VATC.


              VITAs usually guide their students about the PSE exams, they issue the vouchers for those exams - you should talk to whichever VITA it was who you did the training with.