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    vCenter + SRM + vMSC MetroCluster

    anunez2011 Lurker

      I was looking for to migrate from traditional topology 2 vcenter+SRM in 2 Sites to vMSC 1 vcenter VCSA+HA in same 2 Sites, then I was thinking in the strategy to migration steps to this topology, here the question.

      Can I have two DC, one with 1 vCenter+SRM Primary and the other with 1 vCenter+SRM Secundary for some Cluster hosts ESXi each Site locally with some VMs SRM protected, beside an Metrocluster Storage-vSphere between both Sites with other Cluster HA ESXi hosts and same 1 vCenter primary for other VMs out of SRM, till I migrate all VMs protected by SRM to vMSC and delete SRM??.


      Thanks for help