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    ViewClient Variables Missing

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      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-7/7.0/com.vmware.horizon-view.desktops.doc/GUID-86ED59AD-3A2C-4B71-8CFE-19B33E76E571.html

      Topic Name : Client System Information Sent to Remote Desktops


      Publication Name : Setting Up Desktop and Application Pools in View

      Product/Version : VMware Horizon 7/7.0

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      I have a few ViewClient sessions that when the user logs in are missing "all" the ViewClient Variables. This is noticeable when running the "set" command from "cmd". These are some of the variables which are usually there:


      I have also been reading an article that states that the "Horizon Agent writes the client computer information to the system registry path HKCU\Volatile Environment on remote desktops."


      When I check the "HKCU\Volatile Environment" registry path the variables are all in there


      Also when I run "cmd" as an "administrator" and then type the "set" command, they are also there.


      For some reason this has started happening on certain clients from time to time and can sometimes work only after several restarts. This is impacting applications that reference these ViewClient Variables.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue?



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          techguy129 Expert

          I've encounter the same issues. I have a custom app that read the variables and stores them in a database for auditing reasons. How quickly are you checking the variables? Those do not get set right away and can take some time before they are created in the registry. I've seen up to 2 minutes if at all. Based on my experience I don't suggest relying on those variables. I don't have an alternate suggestion for you. I do know UEM can see that same type of information and you can base conditions around that but I don't think that would apply to your use case.

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            VMuser108952 Lurker

            Hi Techguy129,


            We have been using the ViewClient_Mac_Address variable for a few years without issue. The ViewClient_Mac_Address variable is used in the Target Path of an Application Shortcut. And because it cannot be located the application fails to load.


            Thanks for letting me know that there can be up to a 2min delay before they get created. I'll ask some users to wait 2-5min when they experience the issue and see if it works after that.


            It's just strange as it is an issue that has only occurred recently and is intermittent





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              VMuser108952 Lurker

              waiting 2-5min didnt make a difference, unfortunately

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                agalliasistju Enthusiast

                What are your clients?  I've seen a similar issue with our Wyse Thin OS clients.  Turned out that the ThinOS firmware version was to blame.  If I remember correctly I had a beta firmware version on my test terminal at that time.  When we upgraded the firmware it started working again.

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                  VMuser108952 Lurker

                  We are mainly using WYSE Thinclients, however the issue is also impacting some user's that are just connecting from home, from their laptops or desktops. So it does not appear to be only restricted to WYSE Thinclinets

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                    agalliasistju Enthusiast

                    Have you reinstalled the Horizon Agent on the parent/gold image and rebuilt the VMs?  Have you reverted to the last known good version of the Horizon Agent or tried another agent?