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    Upgrading vSphere 5.5.0 appliance to V6.0.0 u3 - does the upgrade need access to both ESXi host and vCenter server?

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      I work in an environment where we have many vCenter servers, isolated by customer, so each customer has a dedicated IP range for its virtual servers. These virtual servers are accessible by a jumpbox called CustomerJumpBox01. I cannot ping the ESXi hosts for which the vCenter servers are hosted on from here, but I can ping the vCenter servers.


      The actual vCentre servers, one for each customer, is on another VLAN, which is accessible by another jumpbox called SharedJumpBox01. I can also access the hosts on which the customers' vCenter servers run on, from this jumpbox. I cannot ping the vCenter servers from this jumpbox.


      So, if I need to access one of my customers' many virtual servers, I would go thru CustomerJumpBox01. If I need to access the vCenter server object for a particular customer, I would go thru SharedJumBox01.


      Tonight I tried to upgrade one of our customer's vCenter servers from 5.0.0 to 6.0.0 so I attached the ISO "VMware-VCSA-all-6.0.0-8874690.iso" to jumpbox SharedJumpBox01 and ran the file "vcsa-setup.html" but I got the error "Unable to connect to vCenter Server". I tried the same thing from SharedJumpBox01 and got the error "Unable to connect to target ESXi host or vCenter server".


      So it looks like the problem I'm experiencing is that I need to run the upgrade on a server which has access to BOTH the ESXi host on which the vCenter server is located, the vCenter Server itself. Can someone confirm this for me please?


      What are the required ports for the upgrade? 443?