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    vSphere Correct Answer Challenge Results. And the winner is...

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      Hello everyone,


      We’re excited to inform you that the points have been tallied and the winners have been notified. It’s now my pleasure to announce the winners of the vSphere Correct Answer Challenge. Drum roll…


      Our 1st place winner, with an impressive point total of 2005, is Chip Zoller

      And our 2nd place winner, with a healthy total of 1017 points, is André Pett.


      Well done you two! Both members are highly active in the VMTN community, so whether you’re a creator or consumer of community generated content, you’ve probably benefited from their contributions.


      The VMTN community team would like to take a moment to thank all community members for participating in the challenge, giving back to the community, and for all you’ve done to help make VMTN content more trusted.


      See you in the community!