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    roll back

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      Author : pgilday

      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Automation/7.4/com.vmware.vra.install.upgrade.doc/GUID-58AC5126-FC4B-4AA3-9521-D71ECBE91868.html

      Topic Name : Roll Back a Distributed Installation

      Publication Name : Installing and Upgrading vRealize Automation

      Product/Version : vRealize Automation/7.4

      Question :

      After failing a distributed installation using the installation wizard, which option would permit an administrator to roll back and attempt the installation again?

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          daphnissov Guru
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          Revert to your prior snapshot and attempt again.

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            lukelloydCIS Lurker

            Did you follow the steps in the installation GUI and created your VM snapshots on appliances and IaaS servers?


            If so you can Revert to Snapshot on the VMs that require it. Again this depends on what has failed and where. It will tell you in the installation GUI what has failed and what VMs need reverting to snapshot. There is also the option of retrying the IaaS components if that is where it has failed without the need to revert to snapshot. Also don't forget to backup your IaaS SQL database.