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    VCAP-DCV Deploy HOL based simulator - Free

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      Hello vCommunity,

      Hope you are doing all great, in this opportunity, I want to share with you this exam simulator I built myself based on several tasks I elaborated for my VCAP-DCV Deploy studies,

      I promised myself to create an exam simulator for the community to use once I passed the exam, thankfully I managed to pass, so here is what was promised.

      If you are interested in knowing how I prepared for the exam, the resources I used for studying, how was the exam day and also to find some useful information, then you must go to my VCAP6-DCV DEPLOY (3V0-623) EXAM EXPERIENCE – JORLUIS PERALES post and find out.

      IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that these are NOT the actual exam questions, instead, they are several scenarios I developed myself and took notes on how to do them using the HOLs interface, this is going to help you to test your skill on several blueprint topics.

      This simulator is based on a HOL lab, which will test how you move inside that interface, remember that the exam uses this interface and it is recommended to have as much experience from it, if you do, you will be able to move faster during the exam,

      Make sure to read the VMware Certification Platform Interface to know what to expect in term of this new interface.



      VCAP-DCV Deploy - HOL based simulator - FREE


      Leave a comments if you think this Simulator was challenging,

      Do not hesitate to ping me if you need advice, you know where to find me,




      Twitter:  @jperales29

      LinkedIn: Jorluis Perales