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    device not found: hard disk 2

    fborges555 Enthusiast

      Hi Gurus

      I have replicated a VM that in the protected site has two(2) disks, one of them is an attached RDM, this disk I don't want to replicate to the DR site, so went and made the changes and did not pick the disk (2) to be replicated  , but when I try to add the VM to the Protection Group, I get the error


      " Device not found: Hard disk 2"


      any Help gurus


      Thanks a bunch

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          Daniel_Georgiev Hot Shot
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          once you add VM with two disks to the protection group. You have to go to the PG -> Virtual machines, and select the new VM with two disks. Open the configure protection settings and choose the RDM disk to be detached or add disk from the recovery site. When you are done the VM status should be changed to 'OK'.


          Hope this helps,

          Daniel G.