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    Questions about VCP6-DCV

    vmman34 Enthusiast

      Hi, please can someone help to answer my questions about the path I should take to becoming a VCP?


      I am not new to Virtualisation as I have worked with MS Hyper V in Data Center for some time.


      But I am fairly new to vSphere and I would like to get certified.


      I have a fully functioning lab and I am picking it up as quickly as can be.


      But things would be easier if I had some training material to work with.



      1. What is the best exam to go for when learning vSphere right now and the correct path? Seeming that I am working on 6.7?


      2. Can I get the qualification without attending a classroom course? I am self funding my qualifications and I see that the classroom courses cost more than a months salary for me!! Attending an instructor lead class is not a requirement for MS qualifications and some of the classes that I have been on are no more than someone reading out of the book to you.


      4. Will the exam expire? Meaning will have to pay for attending another instructor lead course again in two years time?



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          dbalcaraz Expert


          Let me answr your questions:


          1. You should the take the path for the VCP 6.7 which is the latest version, if you never touched nothing related with VMware I suggest to go first for the VCA-DCV.
            Check the official webpage: Certification
          2. For the VCP-DCV you need to attend an official course, there is no other way as it is a requirement. For the VCA-DCV a course is not required.
          3. Your certification will expire in 2 years from the date you passed the exam.


          Hope this helps.

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            vmman34 Enthusiast



            Hi, I have been using VMware Workstation for sometime and vSphere 6.7 for around 2 months.


            I am certainly not new to Virtualisation as I am a MS Certified Hyper V admin.


            But I an fairly new to the world of vSphere.


            I don't want to be wasting my money on courses that don't prove anything apart from the fact that I have attended a course that I could have done myself and save myself from someone else reading out the book to me. Especially if the exams expire every 2 years and they cost on average a months salary!! That is ridiculous and will make me think twice about becoming certified.


            I cant find any exam for vSphere 6.7. The only one that I can locate is this on VMware Certified Professional 6.5 - Data Center Virtualization (VCP6.5-DCV)


            It says the path is :


            1. Gain experience with vSphere 6.5

            2. Attend one of the required training courses

            3. Pass One of the Foundation exams

            4. Pass the VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization exam





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              dbalcaraz Expert


              Exams expire every 2 years yes but it doesn't cost a month's salary... I don't anyone who works for 300$ per month.

              If you want, you can try gaining experience by using the HOLs:VMware Learning Platform

              And if you want to gain the certification it's mandatory to take the course, there is no other way.

              So, it's up to you if you want to take it or not.





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                vmman34 Enthusiast

                Hi dbalcaraz


                Thanks I will have a look at some of those VMware Labs.


                The 5 day instructor lead course for 6.7 is over $4000 or am I getting it wrong?





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                  scott28tt Champion
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                  1. The current version is VCP6.5-DCV, based on vSphere 6.5. The next exam release is due in January, for VCP-DCV 2019, it should be based on vSphere 6.7


                  2. You don’t HAVE to attend in a classroom, but you MUST complete authorised training. What I mean is you can take live online training, or on-demand training. If you are self-funding, you could look for a VMware IT Academy (VITA) - these are academic institutions that offer authorised training.


                  3. No, so long as you re-certify - which means passing an exam, either to achieve a new VCP (in another technology or a new version of the same technology) or to achieve a higher-level certification such as a VCAP.