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    Early Access: Extending VMware Validated Design with Multiple Regions

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      As many of you may know, this Early Access sub-community provides you an opportunity to download and discuss pre-released design materials for the VMware Validated Designs. We want you discover the latest content that is in development and learn about the potential directions in these designs.


      Today the VMware Validate Design team is pleased to announce the Early Access version of the Extending VMware Validated Design with Multiple Regions guide.


      Extending VMware Validated Design with Multiple Regions provides guidelines for expanding an SDDC to more than two regions.


      Although multi-region support is not a design objective for VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center, the Standard SDDC architecture can support deployments beyond two regions. This document defines options to select from if you must extend your SDDC to multiple data centers. Select an extension option according to data center location, latency between data centers, use case profiles, availability objectives, and other requirements.


      As always we value your feedback, post it here and we'll take it into consideration for the GA release.

      Mike Brown, VCDX² (DCV & NV)
      Senior SDDC Integration Architect