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    Confused about creating the shared storage for MIcrosoft CLuster in ESXi 5.5

    MichaelLeone Enthusiast

      I am looking through the "Setup for Failover CLustering and Microsoft Cluster Service". I am doing cluster across boxes. In the section about adding the shared disk to the first host, it says to add a RDM Disk. Select an unformatted LUN, select a datastore.


      How can I have a datastore on an *unformatted* LUN??


      Am I supposed to a datastore to my VMware cluster, and then choose this datastore as the location of the RDM disk?


      I have created and presented a small 10G LUN from my SAN to my VMware cluster, but I have *not* added it as storage for my ESXi hosts. Am I supposed to?


      Very confused. Can anyone shed any light?