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    VMware workstation 14 will not load

    Garaboldi Lurker

      I'm trying to install VMware Workstation 14 player, so I can run a copy of my jobs OS.


      Company I work for will not give me a computer with a company OS, For years I had to work via a VDI connection. It had limited function (Training, log weekly hours, HR) never had a desktop, never had access to work or access programs. Anytime training needed me to sign something in PDF format, I needed HR e-mail a copy in word format.


      Now they want me to install VMware and install their OS, But it will not load. Keep getting "This host does not support virtualing real mode. The intel "VMX Unrestricted Guest"feature is necessary to run this virtual machine on a intel processor. Module 'CPUIDearly' power on failed.


      I'm working with a Dell Prec WS T3500 tower with a Intel Xeon W3550 CPU.


      If this version of VMware will not work, Where can I find a older version that will work on my system.


      Thank you