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        h3nkY Hot Shot
        VMware Employees

        There is known issue with 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6 where the GPO from AD controller machine coming late to the desktop. It was observed that if loopback policy is applied.

        We fixed it in 7.7 but I suggest to use 7.8 which is more stable and has some fixes regarding to memory management issue.

        However, due to some issues with windows 10 metro apps, please do not enable "Roam local settings folders" policy as there will be an inconsistency of metro apps when user re-login to the machine. It should be no issue to not sync AppData\Local as this folder is intended to use as temporary folder and can be ignored. It's the same behavior when you use windows roaming profile where it will not synchronize AppData\Local to remote repository.

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          magic077 Lurker

          Hi, do you know any issue with agent 7.8 where cpu is consuming 100%?


          Unfortunately we do not see which process is consuming the cpu..

          It happens randomly..

          If that happens you cannot do anything and have to restart the the VM



          This issue happens with agent 7.7 and agent 7.8.

          With agent 7.5.2 for example this will not happen, but with it persona (appdata) isnt working correctly.


          We use Windows 10 LTSC 2019 (1809)


          Any idea?


          Thanks in advance.

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