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    Unable to create Reservations in non-VPC mode

    invhariharan Lurker

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm trying to create a reservation for my AWS account using non-VPC mechanism where I specify the location (i.e. us-west-1a, us-west-1c, etc,.) during creation of Reservations... However as I select these locations am unable to see any  Security  Groups or Load Balancers... Also there is no provision to manually enter the Security Groups... attached is the screenshot. I expect the Security Groups to be auto-populated when I select the location but that doesn't seem to be the case.


      I'm able to see the SecurityGroups and subnets for the same regions in a VPC mode (i.e. when 'Assign to a subnet in a VPC' is selected). Is there any way to troubleshoot this?.


      And another issue is that I don't see LoadBalancers (that are already created in the AWS regions) in either of the scenarios (VPC or non-VPC mode)...


      Do I miss anything here?.


      My environment: vRA version 7.4.0 (build 8182598)


      Thanks, hari