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    6.7 - where is the Analysis page on each VM?

    alleninbroomfield Novice

      Whoever moved this or removed this doesn't understand *at all* how your customers use vROPS and should be fired.  Let me explain something to you, in fact I'll show you a picture.


      Do you see the beauty of this Analysis page?  I can see CPU and Memory at the same time, I can see the usable capacity and the peak demand for both in GHz / GB, I can see recommended CPU and memory.  I can screenshot this all at once.  It was one click to get there from the VM that I was already looking at.


      Workflow:  1. App manager calls to either complain about performance of a VM -or- app manager says the application vendor told them we need to increase CPU.  2. I open vROPS and go to that VM.  3. I click Analysis.  4. I look at how much usable capacity vs. peak demand over the past 30 days.  I look at the graph.  I look at the recommendation.  I make my own determination based on all the data that's there.  5.  I screenshot CPU and memory and show the app manager how this VM is doing and my recommendation.


      Some genius at VMware / vROPS please explain how to get the same info now in 6.7?  Also, please feel free to try to explain why we should renew our vRealize licensing since you're going out of your way to make it useless to me.  Seriously, I challenge you to show me where this is exactly now in 6.7-- I don't think you can... but if you can show many anything as elegant as this, then I'll eat my words and apologize.