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    VimPortType Type not found error

    Tifosi1962 Lurker

      I am not a developer.  But I have written a decent amout of stuff in C# so I at least have a clue.

      I need to write some stuff that access the PerformanceManager from the API to look at some specific disk stats.

      I have gone through all the documentation I could find and I'm fairly certain the my environment is set up right.  The problem I'm running into is when building sample code I get the error 'The Type or Namespace "VimPortType" could not be found'.

      From what I can tell it's that type comes from the vim.wsdl file and should be added into the vim25service.dll file when you build it as part of the setup. (According to the Developer Setup Guide)  There is a reference to it in the vim.wsdl file but nothing in the vim25API module that is packaged inside the vim25service.dll.

      I suspect I'm missing something glaringly basic here and was hoping somebody could help me out please?


        Thanks in advance

        John C.