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    vSphere Essentials mixed with Eval version?

    Martin Gavanda Enthusiast



      One customer asked for an infrastructure audit. They are running standard vSphere Essentials Plus kit on Dell VRTX system (SME version of a blade chassis, up to 4 physical hosts, DAS shared storage).


      There are many misconfigurations in the environment (no shared storage configured resulting in no vMotion or HA). As a result, the whole infrastructure needs to be architecture.


      There is no problem with that, did that many times in different environments. The question is, how to move the data from local storage (actually configured) to newly created shared storage. It is possible to do a full backup & restore using Veeam, but I was thinking about something less invasive.


      Storage vMotion should do the trick, but Storage vMotion is not available in Essential Plus kit.


      Is it possible to temporarily switch ESXi hypervisor in Evaluation mode (and still be managed by vCenter Server for Essentials)? The Storage vMotion is a licensed feature of the ESXi thus Eval version will cover that, but I am not sure if it will be supported by vCenter Server for Essentials (but should be OK, there is no such license feature regarding storage vMotion on the VC server itself).


      I am a bit lazy to simulate such environment in my LAB, and it would be great if somebody tried that before (if not, I will do that in my LAB and post results).