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    SNOW (Kingston) VMware Plugin V4 Errors - sys_user missing column run_as

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      I'm attempting to install the ServiceNow vRealize plugin (i.e. "VMware_vRealize_Automation_ITSM_Scoped_Plugin_4_0") on my Kingston instance (Build tag: glide-kingston-10-17-2017__patch9-09-05-2018) but getting these errors:


      "Could not find a record in sys_user for column run_as referenced in this update"

      "Could not find a record in sys_user for column user referenced in this update"


      I can see that Users in my instance do NOT have either the "run_as" or "user" columns.

      I can also see several "run_as" options in the available list (e.g. "API Stats Scheduled Script Execution->Run_as", "Audit->Run as")

      And several "user" options (e.g. "Audit->Run as", "Bookmark->User")

      But, which ones to use?


      Anyone got a fix for this?


      Thanks in advance.





      New information: After looking deeper into the sysauto_script code I can see that it is looking for a user of "1914c575db920300435fd001cf961952" in every case.

      Here are some code snippets:

      ...<run_as display_value="">1914c575db920300435fd001cf961952</run_as>...

      ...<user display_value="">1914c575db920300435fd001cf961952</user>...


      But, I cannot determine if this user exists or if the plugin/update set is attempting to create it.


      Any clues on a fix are welcome.


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