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    VCSA update failed GRUB error: not a regular file

    woter Novice



      I used the update feature of the VCSA portal to upgrade to, on reboot, if I press "e" to clear the Photon splash screen, I am presented with:


      setparams 'Photon'
         linux "/"$photon_linux root=$rootpartition net.ifname=0 $photon_cmd\
      line coredump_filter=0x37 consoleblank=0
         if [ "$photon_initrd" ]; then
             initrd "/"$photon_initrd


      If I then press F10 (to boot), I get the error message:


      Booting a command list
      error: not a regular file.
      Press any key to continue...


      So it looks like there is a bug in the update. The only result I can find, related to this message is here, however, I don't know where or how to get to photon.cfg.


      Does anyone have any ideas on how I may be able to fix this?


      If I get the ISO file and boot from the media, will this fix the issue, or wipe my install?