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    VDR Looping

    KevinAnderson Lurker

      I have a vdr backup that I need to recover a VM from.  My problem is that each maintenance cycle takes 3 days, and some of the index is corrupt.  So, In order to correct the index, I need to prevent maintenance from happening, so I can see the corrupt items and delete them.  But I can't do that because the indexing starts again immediately upon completing so there is never a window where I can see the items that need to be deleted.  Clicking stop does stop it (once), but it will immediately restart.


      So, is there a way to prevent automatic indexing from happening?


      Or can I set a maintenance schedule in a file on the command line?  It doesn't appear that I can change it while the task is running.


      Any other suggestions on how I can get at this data?


      Thanks in advance,