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    Installing VMware Tools without WoW64

    ajbrehm Enthusiast

      I noticed that I cannot upgrade VMware Tools from 6.0 and 6.5 to 6.7 on Windows Server 2016 VMs that do not have WOW64-SUPPORT installed.


      The Tools installer says it cannot access the Windows installer service.


      When I add WoW64 to the VM's OS the installer works.


      I couldn't find any KBs about that (although about the error message). Any ideas? This is on vSphere 6.7.

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          bluefirestorm Master

          There is a setup.exe and setup64.exe in the Windows VMware Tools. Does the error also occur when setup64.exe is invoked instead of the usual setup.exe?

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            sybi Novice

            Yes, setup64

            The thing is even with the newest vmware tools 10.3.10 x64, this happens!


            There is another problem, vmware is using since 10.3.5, c++ redistributables 2017

            -> c++ redistributables 2017 is not installable without WOW64-Support...


            + vmware-tools 10.3.10 is not installable without WOW64-Support...


            At the end, we cannot use vmware-tools without WOW64.


            For me this is a blame, because, we are using "Windows Server 2019 Core"

            Server 2019 Core is supported since vmware-tools 10.3.5...


            And there is not a single Application, we use that requires WOW64-Support...

            except of vmware-tools and vcredist 2017, because vcredist is needed for vmware-tools....




            There is a workaround i found out, but it will (maybe break vmware-tools)

            After you installed vmware-tools, you can remove WOW64-Support again...

            (But there will be maybe some snapshot errors because vmware-tools quiesce scripts will (maybe) fail)

            + you need to install and remove WOW64-Support for evey vmware-tools update...