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    ESXi 6.5, 6.7 issue?!? Swap datastore not used

    ahautomation Lurker

      Dear VMWare community,


      Before in version 5.5 i have no issue, but now in 6.5 and also 6.7 my swap datastore is not used by the VM's.

      I got this issue with an new installation at a customer, so i created a test setup, where i also have the same issue.


      My Hypervisor is stand-alone. HPE Customized Image ESXi 6.7.0 version 670.10.3.5 released on September 2018 and based on ESXi 6.7.0 Vmkernel Release Build 9484548.

      I have 2 datastores, one for the VM, one for the swapping.

      VM name = WinSrv with 4GB RAM.


      Below: Host \ Manage \ System \ Swap \ Edit Settings, i have set the following settings:

      Enabled: Yes

      Datastore: datastoreSwap

      Host cache: Yes

      Local swap: Yes


      (VM is restarted)

      On the datastoreSwap there is only the sysSwap.........swp

      The WinSrv.....vswp of the VM is still at the datastore of the VM.


      At the settings of the VM, when u go to VM Options. below at Advanced.

      The settings is set to: Default (Use the setting of the cluster or host containing the virtual machine)

      It does not matter if i change this to: Datastore specified by host.


      I also couldn't find any errors that the datastoreSwap could not be used or anything.


      allot of documentation is or old or for vCenter, because i dont have the following "buttons"

      The following doc says its for 6.5 but this version does not have vSphere Web Client navigator anymore...Configure System Swap

      The following doc says its for 6.7 but this version does not have cSphere Client anymore... Configure Virtual Machine Swapfile Properties for the Host


      hopefully someone can help me.