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    Vdi disconnect randomly issues

    itsmesri Lurker

      We have vmware horizon 7.3.2 and windows 10 64 bit linked clones.. dedicated assignment


      The problem is that the vdi would disconnect all of a sudden and afterwards

      1.the vdi might have restarted

      2.on connecting again the screen size is around 3/4 and the rest is of black screen..need to restart the vdi to get this fixed.

      This issue does not happen with any sequenses.completely random and atleast on alternate days one or other user face this issue.


      Also for the first case as mentioned above i have found mini dump file in the vdi...

      Analyisng that shows ntoskrnl.exe for couple of users...

      In the vdm logs under logs.txt could see some errors saying writing crash dump to wsnm*.dmp

      How to read this dmp..any clue about the issue would be really helpful for me to have a peaceful night sleep!!!!

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          BenFB Expert

          The Debugging Tools for Windows (WinDbg) are what we have used in advance to look at dump files. The challenge is that you may not have the proprietary symbol files that VMware uses so debugging could be limited and would require opening an SR so VMware can look at them.


          It sounds like something is crashing in the guest which could be the VMware processes or something interacting with them (Anti-Virus, etc...). I would first test with a vanilla image, one with Anti-Virus and one without to to see if the issue still occurs. Then slowly add your applications to the images until you can reproduce the issue. You could also open a case with VMware but from my experience they will ask you to do exactly what I just suggested.


          Are you planning an upgrade anytime soon? There have been a number of important fixes in 7.4.x, 7.5.x and 7.6.0.

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            itsmesri Lurker

            This happend mostly for the users who are using the application s like eclipse and even for wlthose who use ms office...it happens randomly...

            Not sure how to reproduce the issue.


            One thing to note here is the network adapter is of e1000e instead of vmxnet3.Whether that would.cause this issue?

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              sjesse Master

              If your using pciop make sure you have enough video memory for the number of displays you need and the resolution required. I'm not sure if its still an issue, but in an older verison I saw something similar.

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                techguy129 Expert

                Just a suggestion: take a look at the vmware.log file for the VM to see if you notice anything in there. Like sjesse mention, video memory running out will experience this issue. I had something similar when using vGPU cards.

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                  catracho Novice

                  This may not be the cause of your issues but you most definitely want to be using vmxnet3 and not e1000e.

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                    itsmesri Lurker

                    Yes pcoip is being used...reg the video memory-juat one monitor is uses...any other particular settisf to check it out...