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    Compatibility Issue with Server 2016 and IBM Storwize SRA

    DaveHodges99 Lurker

      Hi, I have an SRM environment that needs updating to Windows Server 2016 and looking at the compatibility guides think I am stuck?


      Current platform is 2012R2, SRM v6.1  with VCenter 6.0u2a and storage on an IBMv7000 (v7.4.0.1) with Storwize SRA on version 3.2.0


      If I go to Server 2016 I need VCenter 6.5 minimum with SRM 6.5 or above but the latest IBM SRA available seems to be 3.2.1 which only supports VCenter v6.1 and below. Can anyone suggest an optimal path for  running a Windows Server 2016 supported SRM platform with v7000 storage?



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          GayathriS Expert

          Could you please check under this link :


          IBM Knowledge Center  : it says :

          Latest SRA version I see the latest version available is 3.4.0 and it says


          SRA versionGeneral availabilityEnd of supportAvailability at IBM Fix CentralSupported Spectrum Virtualize Family microcode versionsSupported VMware platform
          3.4.02018NoAvailableSAN Volume Controller: 7.1 - 8.1.3

          Storwize V3700: - 7.8.1

          Storwize V5000: 7.1 - 8.1.3

          Storwize V7000: 7.1 - 8.2.0

          Storwize V7000 Unified: 1.4.1 - 1.6.2 (Only block storage is supported. File systems and file shares are not supported.)

          FlashSystem V9000: 7.4.1 - 8.1.3

          FlashSystem 9100: 8.2.0

          Spectrum Virtualize as software only: 7.7.1-8.1.3

          VMware Site Recovery Manager: 5.x, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5, 6.5.x, 8.1

          VMware vSphere Client: 5.x

          VMware vSphere Web Client: 5.5 U2 or later




          Please check and let us know if we are missing anything here .




          Please mark this as correct if this answers and helps you .