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    get vsan version

    bnk Enthusiast

      When I try to get the vsan version, form an ESXi I get two different versions.
      When I try: esxcli software vib get -n vsan
      I get version 6.5.0
      When I try:
      $Cluster = Get-Cluster -Name "<cluster-name>"
      $vchs = Get-VSANView -Id "VsanVcClusterHealthSystem-vsan-cluster-health-system"
      $cluster_view = (Get-Cluster -Name $Cluster).ExtensionData.MoRef
      $results = $vchs.VsanVcClusterQueryVerifyHealthSystemVersions($cluster_view)
      write-Host "`nVC Version:"$results.VcVersion
      $results.HostResults | Select Hostname, Version

      I get version 6.6.1.

      Which one is the write one?