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    Can't have permanent Escape Key and Function Keys with Touch Bar in Fusion 11

    badibeat Lurker

      Fusion 11 (Pro) doesn't allow me to have a permanent Escape Key and the Function Keys together on the Touch Bar.

      When the Function Keys are active, then the Escape Key just cancels the Function Keys and switches back to the poor choice of alternatives that come with Fusion (my brightness is ok, I hardly ever print screens and I don't manage many virtual machines, I want to work efficiently on just a single one.)

      I really hope I missed something or this gets corrected with an update soonish!

      The Escape Key is (almost) the single most important Key for both Programming and CAD and speed. And the Function keys are also there for speeding up things, too...

      I feel like someone want's to punish me for having a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.