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    vrops 7.0 dashboard sharing

    sxnxr Expert

      I am wondering if anyone has the same problem as me.


      I have 6 instances of vrops


      2 in the lab

      2 in production for dashboarding and alerting

      2 in production for capacity


      In the lab i updated from 6.6.1 to 6.7 and then to 7.0 when it came out

      the dash boarding and alerting i have update one instance from 6.6.1 to 7.0

      the capacity ones i have updated both from 6.6.1 to 6.7 then to 7.0 (same as the lab upgrade)


      When i share a dashboard from either lab instance using the link and send it out it all works as expected ( no login)


      when i share a dashboard from any non lab 7.0 it keeps asking for a login on any of the instances.


      The only difference between the lab and the other instances is the lab is not behind a F5 loadbalancer but even if i log onto a node and not the LB address in production i get the same problem.


      Was wondering if i am missing something before i log a call

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          abugeja Enthusiast

          Hi, sorry not in relation to your question but is it worth upgrading to version 7? im still running 6.6. Any benefit?

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            sxnxr Expert

            That depends on what you do and want to do.


            If you are using the allocation based capacity model then no as that is removed in 6.7 and 7.0. I was able to recreate it using supermetrics and being creative with policies to get it to a point where it is useful to us again.


            One of the big drivers for me to 6.7 (also in 7.0) was the ability to create a dashboard to get one metric for example (cpu usage) for all the VMs in a group (object list) to a metric chart. They added the ability to do the self, Child, parent drop town to the chart and no need for a metric config anymore. In 7.0 they added the no login dashboard sharing which is i bit buggy. I have people being asked to log in and others not for the same dashboard. I have ppl being asked to log in but if they close the tab (without logging in) and open the link again they are not asked to log in.


            There are alot more improvements but to many to list here


            For me the gains out way the problems i am having so much so i have all our production at 7.0


            I would suggest doing alot of research before you jump into 6.7/7.0 If you can deploy new and run in parallel with your 6.6 to make sure you can do what you need