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    SVIConfig Exit code 4: Invalid certificate

    Arthur_NPC Lurker

      I am unable to list or move unused replicas. Everything looks good in the View Administrator. System health is green from top to bottom. All pools functioning normally (linked clones).


      Here's the issue: I am unable to list (replica.txt) or move replicas to the UnusedViewComposerReplicaFolder

      Sviconfig runs fine until it tries to "Load replica info from database" Here is the output I'm getting:


      Establishing database connection.

      Database connection established successfully.

      Exploring replica.

      Load data from SVI_VC_CONFIG_ENTRY table.

      Load replica info from database.

      SviConfig finished with an error. Exit code: 4

      Invalid certificate.


      If anyone can help with this issue it would be much appreciated.