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    从vCenter Server Appliance的系统配置里删除节点怎么做?

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      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/cn/VMware-vSphere/6.7/com.vmware.vsphere.vcsa.doc/GUID-B259B969-3E5D-4576-8256-D3BED54B89AF.html

      Topic Name : 使用设备管理界面配置 vCenter Server Appliance

      Publication Name : vCenter Server Appliance Configuration

      Product/Version : VMware vSphere/6.7

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      从vCenter Server Appliance的系统配置里删除节点怎么做?有一个节点我弃用了,使用了cmsso的命令但是只是vCenter删除了。但是系统配置里面还存在。

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          Make sure you always translate and then post this :

          After translating this is what it is :

          How to delete a node in the system configuration? There is a node I have deprecated, using the cmsso command but only the vCenter is removed. But the system configuration still exists.



          You cna achieve this from JXplorer

          When you say node , can you confirm if you have decommissioned a vcenter or PSC ?

          Provide me a screen shot  similar like below  and hightlight which node you want to remove :