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    Very wide message boxes

    jkl1234 Lurker



      Since Windows 10 1809 update on host PC the VMWare message boxes dimesions are affected. It looks like that:err.png

      It occurs only when on Host is more than one monitor. Before update every messages looked normally.


      Have you got any ideas to solve this inconvenience?

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          KiranOtter Lurker

          I have this issue too, on Windows 10 1809, and VMware Workstation 12 Pro 12.5.9 build-7535481

          I'm also using a nVidia GeForce GTX 980 and version 411.70 of their drivers, which I also updated at the time of the 1809 update, so it's also suspect.


          If the VMware window is maximized on one screen, the dialog box spans all 3 of my monitors.  If the window is not maximized, the dialog box appears correctly.