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    Upgrading from ESXi 5.0 in simple, single host environment

    juliangall Novice

      I have a very small server on which I am running ESXi 5.0. I don't have vCenter Server, I just connect to it from vSphere client.


      This was ok when my VMs were older versions of Windows but I now find ESXi 5.0 is not compatible with Windows 10, for example.


      I have searched for simple instructions to upgrade to a newer ESXi version, but everything I've found seems geared towards enterprise installations with lots of hosts, vCenter etc.


      What is the easiest way to get from ESXi 5.0 to a version of ESXi that supports Windows 10? If this can be done remotely, that would be good, but not if I need to buy licences etc. for additional products.


      Thanks for your help.