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    Windows 2000 VM on ESXi 6.7 showing 100% utilization, yet VM is idle

    Schroeber Novice

      Title says it all.  Was wondering if anyone else was seeing this issue?


      I have one lousy Windows 2000 VM still left in my environment.  In the midst of upgrading the cluster where it runs to 6.7.  When I move this VM to a 6.7 host, the VM goes in to alarm that CPU is at 100%, and performance charts via vCenter confirm that status.  The guest is reporting idle usage via the task manager on the VM itself.  Move it back to a 6.5 host and all goes back to normal.


      I'm going to guess I'm hitting something like the following issue:


      High CPU utilization of inactive Windows virtual machines (1077)  VMware Knowledge Base


      Note that I am running the proper HAL for my device (Multiprocessor ACPI).  Did something change in this behavior that I just can't find documentation on?  I know Windows 2000 isn't supported anymore, but I'm sure there are others like me that have a handful of them still running in their environments.