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    e1000 adapter is changing to Flexible

    kwg66 Enthusiast

      WE are upgrading VMs to newer compatibility and vmtools, and we are experiencing crashes.   We are aware of the bug where Linux VMs with VMXNET3 are affected, this doesn't appear to be the issue.


      I'm wondering why these e1000 adapters are suddenly appearing as flexible.  This is a new one to me.


      Can someone please advise?

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          GayathriS Expert

          What is the issue with e1000 that you are facing ?




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            kwg66 Enthusiast

            Well, the VMs had e1000 adapters, but after we upgraded the compatibility (vHardware) and vmtools the e1000 changed to AMD Lance PCNET32..  and you only see this when logged onto the host, the view via vCenter shows the adapter is "Flexible".. 


            The VMs were hanging after booting up after the above change.   we have been changing the adapter to VMXNET3.   


            We want to understand this better.   These upgrades shouldn't be affecting our environment as such.  We have 1000 plus VMs with over a dozen flavors of Linux running and managing this environment when these issues start popping up is no joke.


            I have been working with VMware and have upgraded countless environments over the years, and lately it seems its all gone to crap..