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    Guest Script Manager plugin / How to add variables?

    KThorlund Novice

      Hi there,


      I am working (read: learning) the Guest Script Manager plugin.

      i have been able to create a simple action and can have my Powershell executed on the VM. So far, so good..


      But I wish to specify my variables directly and not via the active user input, e.g. take it from a blueprint variable..


      I found the page below, which I have followed:


      Leveraging the Guest Script Manager package


      The scope "Map the workflow inputs to the script parameters" covers my actual request but mention an action "addScriptVariableToArrayOfScriptVariables" which I am missing... Google pointed me to an old version of the file/action which I imported but couldnt get it to work... I wonder if it isnt required for my release or if I am wrong...


      I am running the new 7.5 of VCAC and vRO.


      Can someone help me with a hint on how to have variables passed over, e.g it what format the array "scriptVariables" should be specified in the "Run scripts in VM guest" action?

      Maybe with an up to date example on how to use it.?


      Many thanks and regards, K