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    Does v15 need the Internet?

    IReallTryhard Enthusiast

      Hi, just installed v15 (build 10134415) on Ubuntu 16.04 in a headless setup that has no Internet. There is a working winXP V-Machine (dual boot) in the win8.1-partition but when I select "Open a Virtual machine," it allows me to select winxp.vmx but does not put it in the list on the left. Nor does it open it.


      If I boot to win8.1 and run VMWare there, I can open that winxp.vmx fine. Is there something extra I need to do to make this work under Ubuntu? I only need it, maybe twice a year and right now is one of those times. {grin} It has some 16-bit CNC-Milling machine software that only runs under XP and win8.1 refuses to run it.

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          Hi There,


          Internet connection is not required to run the Win XP. Try this and let me know the status. Instead of clicking "Open a virtual machine" ,  just open the  .vmx directly with the WS. (Go to the location where it is stored and open it).

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            IReallTryhard Enthusiast

            Hi, thanks for the reply and suggestions. OK, we are getting somewhere. The installer had not registered the .vmx to be launched with Player. I assigned that to be the default program to auto-launch. I then tried to launch the .vmx directly as you suggested and got an error about "unable to create ~/.vmware" folder. I ignored that and clicked OK.


            I then got an error about "zero swap -- needs 256MB..." which is valid as I have an SSD in the PC and recommendations are to drop the swap to save wear and tear on the SSD wear-life. So, there is no swap partition and I clicked OK.


            The upshot is that the XP did eventually launch and seems to be OK so at least I can get it to run the 16-bit stuff.


            But, not surprisingly it "forgets" settings most probably because of the lack of access to the ~/.vmware folder folder. The folder exists but is locked and my guess is that the installer created it as root. I will try changing ownership and see if that frees up that issue.