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    Virtual Disk-s011.vmdk Inconsistent

    Twittawit Lurker

      I received this message when I went to boot up today, any help would be appreciated:

      Disk /Users/bobcaplan/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows 10 x64.vmwarevm/Virtual Disk-s011.vmdk may be inconsistent.



      I will not boot and takes be to the log off screen

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          a.p. Guru
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          To find out whether the .vmdk file has errors that can be fixed, please provide the following information in the first step:

          • a detailed list of files in the VM's folder/package (i.e. the output of ls -al from the command line)
          • the provisioned virtual disk size (i.e. the size that you've configured in the VM's settings)
          • the current vmware.log file (if it contains details about the issue).



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            Twittawit Lurker

            The configured disk size is 100 GB

            Where would I find the vmware.log file?

            How do I obtain the output of Is -al and what is it?

            Sorry,but if I knew anything about PC's I wouldn't be using a Mac with Fusion. I'd be using a PC

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              Please run the "Collect Support Information" command from the VMware Fusion (menu bar) > Help > Collect Support Information, and then attach the .zip file it created on your Desktop to a reply post. This should contain the details I need along with additional information.



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                Twittawit Lurker

                I created the zip file but don't see how to create a zip vile in this thread. I started a new one (Think) with the .zip file but it is in a different location apparently

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                  The log file shows different errors. Disk-s001.vmdk has logical errors, and Disk-s011.vmdk shows IO-Errors.

                  Please check whether the disk on which the VM is stored has logical, or even physical errors.

                  Try to copy Disk-s011.vmdk to another disk to see if this works, or if you get IO-Errors.




                  PS: The reply box contains an Attach link in the lower right.

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                    Twittawit Lurker

                    André - thanks I will give that a try.

                    BTW -This reply box only has @mention in the lower right corner and I don't see an Attach link there.

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                      Twittawit Lurker

                      Unable to make a copy, I get an I/O error message. If I were to try to upgrade to Fusion 11 could that solve my problem? I am willing to pay for support if the problem can be solved and reluctant to erase all my files and start over.

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                        wila Guru
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                        PMJI, if you are getting I/O errors when trying to copy the vmdk file to another disk then the underlying problem is almost certainly physical hardware failing.

                        Check the host logs and run some disk checks.


                        I do hope you have a backup of that file, although the reason this topic exists probably means you haven't.


                        Also be careful putting back copies of a single disk slice though.


                        Try to make a copy of the VM to external media asap, before trying to fix it.

                        You can try using cp


                        Best way to copy all files, ignoring errors? - Ask Different




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