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    Performance VM vCPU and Memory - vROP

    jlovera Novice



      I have a client that has on its vROP platform. I made a report where I indicated to validate servers with maximum capacity exceeded, the report tells me that they have vCPU in excess, an example:


      a VM with 10 vCPU assigned, VROP tells me that it can recover 5 vCPU, so I recommend leaving the VM with 5 vCPU.


      I also have another report with VM with insufficient size, where it tells me that I should assign more memory resources.


      Example: VM with 6 GB, vROP recommends me to add 1 GB and otherwise I have a VM with 8 GB and I recommend adding 4 GB.


      A VM with workload at the memory level for a maximum of 5 minutes in 103.61% and 99.99% maximum in 1 day.


      Is it recommended to assign or remove resources following the vROP recommendations or statistics?


      Obviously I have to do a performance study, but the client has indicated that at the performance level their vM do not present any problems.


      Please your comments.