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    Win7Embedded - client 4.9 install fails - solved

    JakubCikhart Novice


      we have Samsung TC241W clients running Windows 7 Embedded. I was able to update it so far to client version 4.8.0. When I am trying to install 4.9.0, it immediately throws out the exception and install fails.

      I did the whole recovery to have clean Win7 Embedded SP1 Standard installed. Then I tried to install clients from version 4.30 untill 4.8.0. That worked. Only the 4.9.0 is not possible to install.


      I attached two files, one is the error and the other is the log from TEMP directory.


      Is it possible that the Win7 Embedded support was dropped ? I can not find any info about it.


      Thanks a lot.