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    Updating vCloud PHP SDK

    gmaddock Lurker

      My company is a cloud services company and is implementing vCloud Director.   We've worked with vmware products in the past, including some legacy code that leverages the old SOAP API

      But I'm looking to see what we can do to leverage the modern vCloud REST API.   To that end, I'd like to build a service for our CMS that can make calls to the API.


      Our CMS is written using Symfony (v.4, and with PHP7).  It looks like the vCloud SDK for PHP is pretty outdated (for API 5.5, and we're on API 31.0 as of 10.10.18).


      Has any developer here:

      1)  Gotten the old SDK to work with a newer API version (maybe with a fork?)

      2)  Spec'd out the changes required to update the API?


      I expect that I'll eventually have to do one of these myself at some point if there isn't an off the shelf answer.