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    SRM API - Detach disk programatically

    aamodei01 Novice

      I'm trying to set a VM's Disk (really many VM's with many disks that change frequently) to "Detached" in SRM protection, however I'm unable to determine a programatic way to perform this action. I've scoured the SRM API (using SRM version FYI), but it doesn't look like this is exposed with any method or spec I can find.


      Using PGadmin, I've drilled into the DB, and found the tables in question, however it looks like there might be some enumerating function at work that I can backward engineer from my vantage point.


      Has anyone ever tried this? Anyone successful?


      For those interested/more skilled than I:

      postgresdb tables involved (as far as I can tell):

      pdr_protectedvm (interested field is excludeddevicekey)

      g_int32_array(link to excludeddevicekey)



      Any help would be great, thanks everyone!