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    Is it possible to stretch the display of a guest OS on a shared machine like it is for a local VM in Workstation Pro 15?

    hanness_rdu Novice

      In VMware Workstation Pro for Windows, when I install Windows as a guest, I use the option to "stretch" the guest OS display. In Workstation Pro Version 15, the option is called "Keep Aspect Ratio Stretch". I have to do this because I am using a laptop that has only a 15" screen but a 4k resolution. The Windows setup screens at this resolution are super tiny and almost impossible to read without a magnifying glass. Stretching them resolves this problem. I only need this during installation before the Windows display drivers get installed.


      I notice that when I connect to another system running Workstation in order to install a shared VM, I have no option to stretch the display of the guest. In other words, the option to stretch seems to only be available when I am performing a local installation and not installing a shared machine on a remote system.


      Is there any known workaround for this?