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    How to access shared folder in horizon view 7 Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop

    krana531 Lurker

      We are running horizon view 7.0.3 (on windows server 2012 r2) for ubuntu 16.04 desktops.

      We have installed VMware-horizonagent-linux-x86_64-7.0.3-4679208 on our ubuntu 16.04 desktops.

      We are trying to share folders from windows 10 client machine (have VMware Horizon Client 4.9.0 build-9539668) to ubuntu desktop.

      In horizon client we went to setting --> sharing --> and shared a folder C:\sharing

      But inside ubuntu desktop we are not seeing this shared folder.

      Is there anything we need to do on our ubuntu desktop in order to access shared folder?


      Thanks in advance.