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    Slow disk performance

    artu Lurker



      I know that there was plenty of topics about the same, but I can't find a soluion :-/

      I have a ESXI host: 6.5.0

      Server config:

      8x 2 TB SATA Drives (7200) RAID 50

      64 GB RAM

      2x E52620v2 CPU


      I have insalled a VM - MS Server 2012R2, then I have checked Read and Write Performance - it was arround 50MB/s :-/ (AS SSD Bechmark)

      Also I have made some test using IO meter:



      I'm not an expert but I think smth is wrong :-/

      What should do I to improve performance ?




      BTW: I have a second similar server:

      8x 6TB Sata drives, 1x 2602v2 CPU - host Hyper-V

      I have checked performance: Read is about: 600 MB/s, write arround 180 MB/s