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    The @IP of my VMware VM appears and then intermittently disappears from the ARP cache of its VMware Host PC even though I ping constantly on both sides between the host machine and the virtual machine

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      Everything is said in the title.

      Today, VMware has been working on my desktop computer (called TORION whose IP address for its Ethernet interface is with Cisco WebEx remote control while talking to me by phone in English because I have their support for 30 days after purchasing their VMware Workstation Pro 15 product.

      Today VMware tried to fix the problem but to not unfortunately.

      VMware redirects me to the Microsoft Community.

      That's done here: L' @IP de ma VM VMware apparaît puis disparait par - Microsoft Community

      We can say that the network configuration is good on the VMware side. They have seen everything on their side (reset VMware Workstation Pro 15 by default). They even went so far as to disable my antivirus and my Windows firewall.

      The IP addresses of my desktop computer (TORION running on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and my virtual machine Debian 9.5 distribution (NEUTRON are given to me by my set up box (Orange Livebox of a French Internet Service Provider) via its embedded DHCP whose MAC addresses are hard (static) with their associated IP addresses and this for the first 15 IP addresses of the IP subnet I only need about 30 IP addresses for my intranet.

      My DHCP network is as follows:
      Ethernet card of my set up box: to are static IP addresses reserved for my desktop PCs and network printers, knowing that and are reserved respectively for NEUTRON and TORION according to their address MAC fixed in static in the DHCP.

      The IP addresses to are dynamic IP addresses reserved for laptops, tablets and mobile phones connecting to my set up box on my intranet.

      In my set up box, I also put in DMZ my Debian 9.5 virtual machine named NEUTRON.

      Why the IP address of my Debian 9.5 virtual machine called NEUTRON whose IP address is appears and then disappears from the TORION Windows 10 ARP cache ( That is to say that when I ping on both sides between the host machine (TORION) and my virtual machine (NEUTRON) the ping does not succeed sometimes intermittently and since I made the installing VMware Workstation Pro 15 (I upgraded from VMware Workstation Pro 12 to VMware Workstation Pro 15 and then created my virtual machine called NEUTRON). I still did not use my VMware Workstation Pro 12 on this host machine called TORION, VMware Workstation PRo 12 was simply installed without a virtual machine.

      I have the Kaspersky Antivirus I bought, the Search and Destroy antimalware free version (because my paid version has expired), the Malewarebytes Premium antimaleware that I bought and also CCleaner Pro that I bought too.

      I used to use VMware Workstation Pro 12 in the past, as well as VMware ESX Server or VMware Player.

      even if I add the static MAC address for the NEUTRON IP address with the next online command launched as an administrator in the TORION ARP cache then the problem remains the same

      C: \ netsh interface ipv4 neighbors "Ethernet" 00-0c-29-9b-53-11

      The ping works from on the spot but no more after the fact, even when restarting the TORION machine.

      I do not see my VM (NEUTRON) with the ping command from its host (TORION).

      The configuration of my TORION desktop computer is given as an AIDA64 Extreme report in French here: http://www.boribar.com/Rapport_TORION_6_Octobre_2018.htm

      or in English here: http://www.boribar.com/Report_TORION_6th_October_2018.htm

      If I constantly ping NEUTRON ( from a *second* physical desktop computer (CATION aka running on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit put on the same subnet as TORION and NEUTRON on my intranet then I can ping both my NEUTRON virtual machine ( from its TORION host ( and TORION host ( from my NEUTRON virtual machine (

      My intranet IP addresses plan can be see in a PDF format at this address (URL) here: http://www.boribar.com/PLAN_ADRESSAGE_IP.pdf