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    vROPS Projects help changing host specs ( probably my inexperience )

    Groove200uk Lurker

      Hey Guys,


      Im trying to put a project togethdr to show the impact of removing all of our Cisco M3 hosts from a particular cluster , and replacing them with newer hosts. Sounded a simple job , creating a project to 'remove capacity : Selected Objects' and then layer on new projects with different numbers of newer more powerful hosts to see the predicted effect.


      However ive fallen at the first hurdle.....


      Creating a project to remove the M3's ( still leaves a couple of newer hosts in this cluster as they are currently mis-matched ) shows the demand drop off and the shortfall rise . I think im fundamentally mis-understaing what this is showing me as that doesnt make sense . Or does it ?


      Am I going about this the correct way , and should now just add a project to 'add' the proposed new hosts ?


      remove m3s.jpg

      remove m3s 2.jpg